YV: The Lightning Storm

June 16, 2013

in Youth Voices

Mollie Parent
FICTION Woodstock Elementary School

It all started on a Wednesday. This was no ordinary Wednesday,
this was choice time day. The day when my class had half an hour
to go outside, use the computer or play games in the classroom.
Wait a minute, this is all wrong, this story was supposed to start on
a Thursday.
This one started on a Thursday it was raining outside and I was
sitting in my classroom by the
window thinking about what my
plans were for after school. I
was thinking and thinking when
a lightning bolt shot before my
eyes. I was shocked (not literally that’s just my emotion). Anyway,
I was so scared I started having dreams about it. They were dreams
I had never had before. They were dark and………..bad. I didn’t like
So I went to see a therapist. When I was going to a therapist I
lived in this apartment-like thing. My therapist was nice. She would
talk to me like I was family and I enjoyed that. At least while it
lasted. It lasted until the day they sent me home. I was ten when I
first started going there and eleven when I came out.
Life was hard going back to school after a year of being away. It
was crazy telling people I was at a therapist building for a year. The
worst thing was three days after I came back, I was sitting by the
same window and boom the light struck again, but this time it was
about twenty feet back from before. I tried to let it go and it was
working until boom, the lightning came again.
Except this time it looked about five feet ahead of the last and
then boom five feet closer and boom it was at the wall of the
school. I was indescribably scared. After ten minutes I thought the
lightning was over but I was wrong. Boom boom boom, it was
chasing me through the school. Not like around the school kind of
chase but in the school about to kill me kind of chase. I thought my
life was over.
And then I felt pain in my left leg. It………it was bad pain. It kept
getting worse. I tried to keep running when the lightning stopped
and right then and there I felt excruciating pain in my leg. I took
out my cell phone and dialed the numbers 911. After two minutes,
I was passed out on the floor with a cage of lightning around me. I
could see my mom on the other side of the cage. I was dead inside.
I could no longer walk nor could I move.
I didn’t know what was going on. I was an eleven-year-old girl
that was paralyzed lying on the floor surrounded by lightning. What
was the matter with me. What did I do to deserve this. It was done
and over. They thought I was in so much pain they had to give me
anesthetic so I would no longer feel pain for a period of time at
least until we got to the hospital.
Well we got there and the doctor said I was not so good. He said
that I had broken my leg. I tried and tried to leave the flashback and
over and over it came back. Then the flashback, the whole thing,
was there. I stopped breathing. I knew then I was done.
To be continued………..

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