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  1. Kathy

    Nick was found not guilty because sadly the jury had to go on a unreasonable doubt situation, the evidence was all circumstantial. Nick knows he’s guilty; his family knows he’s guilty and I ditto Kim, Karmas a bitch! It was also brave for Mr. Sweeney to tell the truth and not let family or other’s intimidate him. Nick took advantage of another person when they were slightly out of sorts for his own personal gain, that says a lot about him as a person. Daniel and Colby were not extremely out of it as Decato kept stating. Daniel didn’t even know the Majeski’s nor where they lived. There’s a lot that doesn’t make sense and I could go on and on. The general public can figure it out and the ones who don’t are in denial. Daniel stepped up and did what was right and he will live with no regrets and everyone is proud of him and he is doing very well.

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