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  1. Linda Caruso

    Jessica was part of our family from the time she was 16 years old, most recently, a year ago when she came to live with me for a short time, to collect herself and get a plan together to move forward. I knew both of her parents, and her mom Dona was my daughter Casey’s preschool teacher. Jess was too young to have to have lost her mother when she did, and she went from being the baby sister, to the role of caretaker – which came naturally to her, with the tender heart she always had. Casey and I shall miss her beautiful smile, her contagious laugh, and her cherished spirit. Our only consolation is the hope that she has been reunited with her mom. We certainly will keep Jess’ memory and her love of dogs at the forefront from here on out.

  2. June Wilson

    I was saddened to hear of Jessica’s death. She was always one of my
    favorite students at WUHS. I am glad that I had along visit with her
    just last year. She was still the delightful funny girl that I had taught in
    Home Ec.
    My deepest sympathy, June Wilson

  3. Greg Blake

    I’m really not sure what to say, I don’t think anybody does at times like these. I could always see her Mom in her face, a perfect combination of Mark and Dona. She is with her Mom now and all the family members and friends that have passed on to the next life. Everybody believes what they believe about life after death, for me, I choose to believe that as long as the memories of Jess live on in the hearts and souls of those that loved her and the people that she touched through her life then she will never die. She is still with us all in spirit. I believe that, but it’s still hard to accept. The Blake family, all of us, send our deepest condolences, prayers and love to Mark, Angela, Ben and the entire Johnson family.

  4. Vanessa Macia Maxham

    This news is shocking and so sad. I went to high school with her and college. We hadn’t seen each other for many years, but I can still remember her smile, even now. She was always funny and always honest.
    Thinking of her family and close friends at this time…..

  5. Vanessa Macia Maxham

    This news is shocking and very sad. I went to high school and college with Jess. She was always funny and always honest. We hadn’t seen each other in many years, but can still remember her smile now.
    Thinking of her family and close friends at this time…..

  6. Jared Hall

    Such sad news. I feel fortunate to have run into Jess at Ramuntos with my family last summer after many years of not seeing each other. It seemed as if she hadn’t changed at all since high school- smiling the whole time, making wise cracks. It was as if no time had passed at all! My condolences to Jess’ family and her closest friends. She will be missed.

  7. Deborah Morse

    Our heartfelt prayers and condolences go out to Jessica’s family. We will forever miss her presence in Chateauguay, though we will feel her in the sunshine. Love, the Morse family.

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