Male Breaks Light, Yells at Employee After Transaction Denied

Staff Report

A 23-year-old male who tried to purchase cigarettes in Killington yelled at an employee and broke a light after his transaction was denied for failing to show identification July 3.

Darrick Cook of Rutland became disorderly after he couldn’t buy cigarettes at the Water Wheel Trading Post in Killington, according to police. He broke a light and tried to overturn a rack.

The store employee obtained license plate information from Cook as he was leaving the Water Wheel. When state police later questioned Cook, he denied he tried to purchase cigarettes, saying a coworker was using his car.

Further investigation revealed Cook was the disorderly subject. He was cited to appear at Rutland Superior Court to answer to charges of disorderly conduct, unlawful mischief and false information to law enforcement.

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