Norman Williams Library Business Effectiveness Series

NWPL Business Effectiveness Series

Starting in May with the talk by Bob Seelert of Saatchi & Saatchi, the library began an initiative to host seminars and programs aimed at improving business and career skills. The “First Tuesday” Business Effectiveness series kicks off on August 6th at 5:15 with Understanding Human Behavior and Improving Communication, a presentation by Bob Knowles, President of Robert Knowles Associates.

Have you ever wondered why other people do not see the same problem or situation the same way you do? What would it mean to your business or your relationships if you knew you could very quickly learn how to more effectively communicate with that person in a way that would confirm understanding and connection?

Bob Knowles has worked extensively with a very powerful behavioral assessment tool called Extended DISC or E-DISC.  This tool will help you learn about the four primary behavioral styles and what your primary style is.  The benefits of understanding this material include: Greater awareness of your primary behavioral style; Greater understanding of how you behave under pressure and how that may help you or hold you back and resulting improvement in your work performance due to better communication. This should be a valuable and interesting program no matter what your career or stage of life.

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