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  1. kaitlin

    rest in peace papa
    I love and miss you so much. this just seem surreal. I had just talked to you a few days before this happened. I just couldn’t believe this and still cant. we were planning a visit to come see you in December once I got out of class. I wish I could go back in time and went to see you,gram, and gramp during the summer break. I will always be thinking about you CONSTANTLY no matter what. I will finish college and my degree that I was telling you about. I will succeed no matter how many times I may fall or how many obsticles I will have to cross….im going to push forward, and im doing it all for you.
    I need a address update so I can mail you and a phone number would be lovely. I never want to lose contact with you again. I know your enjoying heaven and having fun riding your motorcycle but stop by everyonce in a while to check on me and get me that motivation you always encouraged me with.
    nana will be well taken care of. that is my promise to you. I will see you again and until then you rest easy and pain free. I LOVE YOU & MISS YOU. XOXO
    — KAITLIN (your granddaughter)

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