YV: A Day at the Beach in Maine

October 30, 2013

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(This is student work submitted as part of the Youth Voices collaborative project.)

by Riley, Woodstock Elementary School
My family went to Maine for the weekend and we went to the beach. The dark blue waves were massive. My brothers, their friends and I went out about sixty feet in the water. I decided to go back in and I asked if my mom could go buy some boogey boards. She said yes, I was so excited. When she got back I ran as fast as I could to her, got the boogey board and went out to the ocean.

I started boogey boarding the minute I hit the beach. I had been for about ten minutes, still learning, when a wave like a tsunami came. I got on it, and I was excited that I went so fast. Immediately there was a gallon of water in my face. I flipped over and went under the wave as the under tow pulled me out. I got scared when I was under it for five seconds, then I got really scared. Finally after ten seconds I got out twenty feet out from where I was. I got in finally. When I got in I was happy to be out of the ice cold water. Started to dig a big hole it got really deep the water started to seep in my hole so I just sat in my hole talking to my mom. Then my mom told me my brothers were leaving to go back to the camp ground. I stayed at the beach with my mom for a little longer then my mom said “OK time to go Ry” I said OK. I went to wash the sand off my body so we could leave. We got our stuff and went to the trolley to get to the camp ground. I told my mom that today was the best day ever.

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