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October 30, 2013

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(This is student work submitted as part of the Youth Voices collaborative project.)

Lunes – by 5th/6th grade class at Bridgewater Village School

Lunes are poems that are 3 lines. The first line is 3 words, second line is 5 words, the third line is 3 words again. There may only be this exact amount of words so it forces students to think hard about word choices.

These lunes are about our most recent week at Marsh Billings Rockefeller National Historic Park for Cosmic Scales with the district’s 6th graders.

    Digital Photography

Through camera lens
Framing with rule of thirds
Perspective focal point


Daily stellar motion
Light speeding across universe
Mass equals gravity


Lens focusing closely
Microorganisms in a drop of water
Field of view

    Sense of Place – Hike

Hiking with friends
Responsibility conserving sustaining the land
Taking in scenery

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For more information on the Youth Voices collaborative program please contact Kat Fulcher at The Vermont Standard, email
kfulcher@thevermontstandard.com or call 802-457-1313


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