YV: Home Alone and Scared

October 30, 2013

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(This is student work submitted as part of the Youth Voices collaborative project.)

by Anda, Woodstock Elementary School
I pushed through the door with my noodles in one hand and sat down on the bench in front of my dad and sister. “Are you okay alone for a while?” my dad said as he was packing his water bottle in the back of his bike. I gave a faint shrug to say, sure. My sister hopped onto her bike and my dad did the same.

When they were halfway up the driveway I whispered “ Please don’t be too long” to myself, I was starving so I had to take my eyes off the spot they had just turned into and start to eat. My cat juice trotted down the driveway eager to see me, he jumped up and landed on my lap. He purred. He was warm, I was relaxed. We were both staring off into the woods and half asleep in the hot sun.

When out of nowhere, I heard a creak of floorboards, in my own home, and a thump of something that I could not decipher. I didn’t know what to think and by that time juice had bolted away. I sat there very still like I was invisible or time had froze and everything had stopped, not breathing. At that moment, one second in time, I had thought out a very distinctive plan, R-U-N run. I sprinted to the trail at the top of the driveway, not looking back once.

I lost my balance on a rock right as I stopped. I yelped as I fell backwards into a big wooden bucket of flowers my mom had planted just a few weeks ago. As I brushed myself off I saw that a car was coming. My face flooded red “seeing a girl who was covered in dirt and ragged ” wasn’t exactly what I’d want to see if I was driving by. I quickly ducked behind the rock wall guarding our house. I broke into a cold sweat and finally realized that something could be in my house. A big tear rolled down my cheek and then came another and another until a flood of tears were coming and I wished at that moment I went with my dad, I had to hug myself. I rocked back and forth staring at my feet.

Every little sound scared me, when there was a big wind I completely lost it and ran around arms flailing. I ended up almost all the way down the pavement close to the house which when I saw that I scrambled back up to the stone wall. I was shivering all over.

Rustling of leaves and squealing brakes snapped me out of my trance, quickly I ran to our nearby berry bushes and stuffed one in my mouth, I dried my eyes and rubbed my hands on my cheeks until they hurt, I plastered on a fake smile. My dad yelled for me so I ran out from behind the bush and happily greeted them. I was relieved they got back when they did. We got some more berries, ran or biked down the driveway and jumped up the porch stairs. I followed them inside. I was really confused when I saw nothing out of the ordinary. I didn’t tell my dad what happened because I thought he would think I was being irrational.

It seems that I was overreacting to you but my experience was scary. I know people get that scared for no reason and it should be fake but it HAPPENED. My dad to this day has no idea what went on when he and my sister were gone, if they only knew.
Overall, It was real.

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