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YV: Mission Impossible

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(This is student work submitted as part of the Youth Voices collaborative project.)

by Téa B., Woodstock Elementary School
“Dong dong” the bell rang like a crack of thunder had fallen over us.
“Yes here we go, time to win this thing” I whispered to myself.
All the sudden a bright light flashed in my face it felt like a bolt of lightning struck in my eyes but no it had to be a guard with their super bright flashlights.
“Oh come on, already” I thought.
“Hey what the heck.” I yelled.
“Your caught go back to your…..”
“THIS IS OUR CABIN”we all screamed
“well okay then,carry on.” Tonight was one of the best nights at camp it was the one and only Mission Impossible night.
“Don don.” well maybe not the one and only because well there are two nights that we play it but anyway it was Mission Impossible night
“don don yeah it only worked the first time.” Anyway Mission Impossible is a game we play at camp where there is an item but we don’t know what it is or where it is and we go around the campground trying to find clues that will lead us to it . But we have to do everything without getting caught by a guard.
The guards are there to ruin your day by caughting you and sending you back to your cabin to start all over again. Its like they like to do it or something because whenever they get someone they have a sort of happy sort of satisfied look on their faces. But then there are the nice ones like Sue.
He’s the kind of guy who treats you like a bunch of kindergartener and he does stuff like when he sees you he just keeps going and pretends that you’re not there just to make you feel better I think maybe he does it so he doesn’t have the guilt of so many kids on his back but I don’t know.
And then theres Big Tuna the kind of guy nobody has a label for and you just don’t have a category to put him in he’s just that kind of guy even though everybody likes he does some crazy things. but come on lets get back to the game
“Um…… oh yea” when you start each cabin gets a starting clue and even though its just a piece of paper with words on it it feels like so much more than that like its some sacred message from the King and Queen of New England but then everybody goes back to their cabins and wait for the bell to ring but they give you some time to get changed because whenever you play Mission Impossible you have to where very very Dark and camo clothing so its not obvious that you’re there and it just gives the game that competitive feel and it adds excitement and curiosity. But after that you have be pretty quiet so you can hear the bell when it rings because when that bell rings you have to go right then and right there because if you want to be the first one to get to your
“Item” first and get back to the pavi you have to go as soon as the bell rings so you have to be ready really fast or else you really have no shot of finishing first but anyway lets get into my part of the story the first bell rang we were off to get our first clue it was at the cross the cross is a the highest point in the whole camp.
We ran up a path that led up to the other cabins we went that way because the guards aren’t allowed up that way because they can’t go near the cabins so we got to the cross and.
I ran over to the cross and grabbed the clue and everybody gathered around but of course Breona had to have it her way so she told our counselor that I shouldn’t be able to read it because its not fair and that she wanted to read it.
“Oh lord I thought to myself her she goes again”. Because Breona said that I shouldn’t be allowed to read it so Romio one of our counselors read it well was about to read it but Breona was in the way so I couldn’t see nor would I be able to hear Romio. So I move over and just to annoy me Breona did to, I moved again and so did Breona, I kept move and she did to I was just about ready to scream and punch her but instead I just took in a deep breath and screamed as loud as I could in her ear and then she dropped onto the ground and started to cry but since we all really hate Breona all we did was softly laughed our heads off after a minute Romio, went over to her and trying not to laugh she helped her up and brushed her off all the leaves and dirt off of her back. Finally read the clue it said something about the tubing run the tubing run is used in the winter it is a sledding hill in the form of a mound so we ran to the bottom of the hill down to the game field and surprisingly there were no guards so we just ran right across and down to the pavi and we walked in to get Breona her medicine and then we were off down to small hill past the tether ball pole and the swing set and down to the tubing run we went we had to go the long and hard way.
We got to the last clue and it was a party. We finally got back and even though we were last we still made it. Even though Breona ruined it, it was still kind of fun. I mean it was and adventure no one will forget.

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YV: Mission Impossible Reviewed by on . (This is student work submitted as part of the Youth Voices collaborative project.) by Téa B., Woodstock Elementary School “Dong dong” the bell rang like a crac (This is student work submitted as part of the Youth Voices collaborative project.) by Téa B., Woodstock Elementary School “Dong dong” the bell rang like a crac Rating:

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