YV: Snowmobiles and Coyotes

October 30, 2013

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(This is student work submitted as part of the Youth Voices collaborative project.)

by Emma, Woodstock Elementary School
I’m never scared to go with my dad because he protects me, I’m a little scared when I’m alone. But one time my dad and I, went out in the woods on a trail that he built. That night my dad and I went on to the trail with our snowmobiles I had a 120 and he had a racing snowmobile that one was a 600. At that time it was winter and when I was four or five Winter was my favorite season.

Instantly, we made it to the highest part of the trail there was such a pretty view, I felt like I was on top of the world. At one point we were still riding but my dad said Eminem do u here those and I stopped and heard yip yip and woof woof, got so scared and started crying because I was scared. He quickly picked me up and said Em you’re ok and I cried even more so we went back to the house and we told mom what happened and why my face was so red! “Mom asked”. My daddy said we heard coyotes and we both stop and Em started to cry and I picked her up and she was just so scared she didn’t know what was going to happen to us.

I was too little to realize, I didn’t understand much, but I had to understand the concept of snowmobiling. After daycare my dad picked me up at daycare when I got home with dad he took me inside and put my snow suit on and I went out and pulled the string on my snowmobile ana started it and dad said if you’re so strong then start mine so I pulled the string and it started and it was so loud that I fell back and screamed daddy said goodness you are going to make the neighborhood scared and think someones hurt! Mom is working to night he said I “said can me and you make dinner so we did make something so delicious that I could not wait to eat we called my brothers Randie and Joshua down to eat with us so we ate and dad and I woke up the next morning and it was
saturday we went to go even farther than last time. My papa worked up the farm from our house and everyday his boss let all the cows each time his boss let the cows out, we were going to go snowmobiling and there is the one cow shes like the queen bee Horny but not really a bee she’s always out in the pasture with her friends. Each morning my dad went to work and shes always waiting at the fence mooing and mooing and she waits for my dad to faed her.through the summer the cows always were out even through the night. So each time we went to ride our snowmobiles at night she and all the other cows would chase us and it scared me but she would never hurt us.

This day was so special to me because it has been in my heart and never leave my heart cause my dad is the only dad I will ever have. snowmobiling with my dad makes me feel so safe. This was six years ago.

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