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  1. Cindy Emery

    One day Andy Shapiro came into my office and said, “I want to meet my future daughter-in-law”….Sam talks about “Cindy at Charter School” all the time. What a “laugh” we enjoyed over this. Never mind the fact, that I am a “much older” gal, a wife and mom…I reassured Andy he had no worries or concern as I said, “Sam is so smart and will realize I am just “a dumb blonde”. My darling Sam, how I cherish those precious moments in my office, listening to your stories and how your eyes sparkled with excitement over new discoveries you had to share. Sam told me he loves the name “Cindy”…and I asked, “why?” He responded, very seriously, looking at me with that Sam expression, “You have to ask?’…”It’s my mom’s name !” I will treasure the many lovely memories of Sam and wanted to share these two moments with all of you who love him. My heartfelt sympathy to Cindy & Andy, family & friends.

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