YV: A Childish Magic

December 12, 2013

in Woodstock,Youth Voices

(This is student work submitted as part of the Youth Voices collaborative project.)

by Kaelee Geno, WUHS 10th Grader

I close my eyes, my body trembling with eager excitement.
Inhale again.
I’m about to meet him, the jolly fat man.
Santa Claus.
He’s sitting on a silvery throne with red cushions,
Toys and wrapped presents strewn about.
People of all ages taking pictures of the man,
And as I get closer and closer in line,
My excitement grows.
Closer, closer, almost there!

My turn comes soon enough,
I’m popped up onto his lap by a giddy elf,
I recite my list,
Dolls, books, toys, animals,
Everything I wanted has been spoken.
Time to go,
Pleasure coursing through my body.
He knows what I want,
It’s just a waiting game now.
Being six, I can’t wait.
My belief in him still going strong,
Three days, two, tomorrow!

Christmas eve, baking cookies, preparing a plate.
A plate for the jolly man, a plate for the reindeer.
Time for bed, laying in bed for hours trying to go to sleep.
I wake at six in the morning, my excitement radiating from me.
I sneak downstairs to my stocking,
Toys, books, fruit.

Content, I go to my room with the stocking and wait for my mom to wake,
The seconds ticking by all too slowly.
I hear coffee being brewed, a bagel being toasted,
I run downstairs to see the tree once more.
I feel like I’m in a toystore, the gifts are so abundant.
Coloring books, art supplies, barbies, toys, toys, toys!
I tear into the fragile paper,
Soon the living room is a sea of color.
Presents unwrapped,
I go to the kitchen, sit at the counter, and play with my dolls,
Eat breakfast,
and spend the day watching terrible Christmas flicks for the rest of the day.
The day is over, now another 365 day wait.

(This story was first published in the December 12, 2013 edition of the Vermont Standard.)

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For more information on the Youth Voices collaborative program please contact Kat Fulcher at The Vermont Standard, email
kfulcher@thevermontstandard.com or call 802-457-1313


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