YV: Creative Writing in the Upper Valley Waldorf School 7th Grade

December 27, 2013

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If I could wish for three sacred things for you, me, and the world, what would they be?

Wish, Wonder and Surprise
Creative Writing in the Upper Valley Waldorf School 7th Grade
These poems were written by our seventh graders during their four week creative writing block which opens the treasure box of imagination through poetry. J. W. Goethe once wrote that our wishes come to us from the future, harbingers of who we are becoming; and so our poems carry these seeds of growth and transformation as we explore the world around us, listening to the voice of nature as our guide.
~Linda Johanson, 7th Grade Class Teacher

The Falcon

By Sam Bradley
The cavorting falcon silently
Weaves through the tree branches,
Landing on my shoulder with grace,
It spies a tree frog
Its eyes zoom in and it launches

Dreams Like Snowflakes
By Grace Derksen
Soaring over trees,
Falling like snowflakes
Swiftly, silently
Through dark night
Owl hoots, echoes
Swooping over ice
Falling like snowflakes

The Tree Frog
By Liam Mulligan
The speedy tree frog quickly jumps from tree to tree
The tree frog notices a cricket, and jumps away in quick pursuit

Nine Clouds
By Samantha Roth
Nine Clouds
Silently lifting and swiftly setting
On mountain tops
Rising up into the sky

An Owl
By Heather Stafford
An owl soaring above
A flying squirrel glides,
An owl swoops swiftly down
On its new found prey,
An owl survives
While nature dies
A hollow, a branch, a tree,
An owl living free

The Hummingbird
By Kaylee Starke-Meredith
The Hummingbird hovers in the air
Quickly disappearing
And appearing somewhere else
In the world
Flower blossoms provide them with life
And they fly somewhere else
Before they can know any strife

By Ben Stroud
Black smoke soaring through the air like a falcon

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