YV: Don’t Ever Go Away

December 12, 2013

in Woodstock,Youth Voices

(This is student work submitted as part of the Youth Voices collaborative project.)

by Gabrielle Rozumek, WUHS 10th Grader
If you ever walk away,
I’ll follow you from a distance,
If you ever walk away,
I’ll find a way to keep you in my heart,
If you ever walk away,
I’ll always love you,
If you ever walk away,
I’ll find the good in everything you’ve done
If you ever walk away,
I’ll walk too,
If you ever fall off the edge,
You know I’ll be coming right after you.
I never want to forget you, Christmas.
So please don’t ever reveal, that Santie Claus isn’t real.

(This story was first published in the December 12, 2013 edition of the Vermont Standard.)

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For more information on the Youth Voices collaborative program please contact Kat Fulcher at The Vermont Standard, email
kfulcher@thevermontstandard.com or call 802-457-1313


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