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  1. Pam Arborio

    When we lived on a boat it was sailboats vs. power boats. Rude behavior and vocal remarks were the norm. Over the years a respect developed between the two groups and the realization that love of the water and the ability to face the dangers created a commraderie.
    Here we are in Vermont and the “them and us” mentality rears its head again.
    I find it sad that there are those that think snowmobilers don’t enjoy cross country skiing and snow shoeing. The ability to reach sites impossible to view by foot are often a snowmobilers destination, there to stop, enjoy their lunch and reflect on the beauty of our kingdom.
    I hope those landowners that have closed the trails will reconsider for the health of the economy and the future of the sport.

  2. prion

    They do seem to stink even worse than they used to, which is probably from how gas and oil are formulated today, but it makes me wonder when I see them in a line like little ducks: all but the first one must be smelling, and end up smelling like, nothing but gas farts.

  3. Penelope Chevalier

    This news has cheered me immensely, I have always found snowmobiling to be an obnoxious pastime. Often while out enjoying the pristine wilderness on horseback or on skis or on foot, the noise and smell would mar an otherwise beautiful outing. It’s nice to see it dying a natural death, and for those who have difficulty finding places to snowmobile, I would urge you to consider strapping on a pair of skis or snowshoes and discovering the amazing wonder of using your own body’s locomotion to have fun in the snow. Maybe you’ll surprise yourself and enjoy being more active.

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