‘How To Avoid A Pain In The Neck’

February 24, 2014

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(The following is a press release from the AARP Driver Safety Program)

Hardly a day goes by lately without a news report that shows car after car being smashed into by folks behind them who cannot stop because of snowy or icy conditions. Sure, we know how to avoid hitting others, by slowing down and keeping a safe following distance. But what can we do about others hitting us from behind?

We can make sure everyone is properly protected inside our vehicle, that’s what. Many of us who are wisely keeping our seat belts buckled and children securely in their safety seats in the back, may not be aware of one more simple step that can prevent painful neck injuries, particularly when hit from behind. To reduce the odds of whiplash, adjust head restraint and seat back positions so the middle of the head restraint is directly behind the middle of the head, just above the ears, and as close as possible but no more than 2.5 inches away.

And keep using those seat belts and child safety seats, because it’s the law, and plain common sense. Safety belts are still the single most effective safety device for preventing death and injury on the road.


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