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Most Take One Of Season’s Biggest Snowstorms In Stride

February 14, 2014

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By Katy Savage, Standard Staff

Middle-aged brothers Wayne and Bob Caulfield, proved the snow can be fun at any age. Bob tossed a shovel-full of snow at Wayne as they were cleaning off their cars in Woodstock on Friday.

“You’re never too old,” Wayne said as he laughed and threw snow back at his brother.

The Caulfields were visiting from New Hampshire and were spending the weekend with their parents in Woodstock. More than 12 inches of snow had fallen in Woodstock by noon on Friday and flurries were still coming down. With schools canceled and some roads left unplowed through late Friday morning, many spent the day uncovering their cars and driveways and playing in the fresh powder.

“It was a shock when we woke up this morning,” Wayne said, as he dug out his small car, which almost couldn’t be seen beneath the white.

“This is unbelievable,” he said.

All schools in the Windsor Central Supervisory Union, including Woodstock Union High School-Middle School, Bridgewater Elementary and Pomfret Elementary had closed for the day, prompting an extra long weekend for students with the Monday President’s Day holiday.

Even state offices had a delayed opening at 10 a.m. due to the road conditions. The Vermont Department of Public Safety encouraged people to stay off the roads due to strong gusty winds and difficult driving conditions.

The weather didn’t stop Ryan Clark from going to work, though. It was his one year anniversary of working at the Woodstock Inn and Resort. He was spending the morning shoveling and blowing snow off of Inn property.

Clark, who is also a snowmobiler, welcomed the snow. He had only been able to ride 3-4 times this season with the icy conditions.

“The rain really killed it,” he said.

Clark had plans to snowmobile this weekend, calling the abundance of snow average winter weather for Vermont.

“This is normal,” he said. “We have snow.”

It was a busy day for highway departments and people who own property maintenance services.

Gary Corsi, who owns Gary’s Property Maintenance, went from house to house on Golf Avenue with his black pick-up truck, carrying two snow blowers in the back.

He had about 100 driveways to clear that day.

“I’m tired,” Corsi said, as he started up his snow blower to move snow off another driveway, but Corsi was still smiling.

Some people beat the slippery roads by running down Central Street in snowshoes, another person pulled a sled down the snow-strewn streets.

“I love it,” Ron Behrns said as he was blowing snow from his driveway on High Street. “It’s beautiful.”

Not everyone felt the same, however. It was Jessica and Ramsey Asenjo’s first winter in New England. They had moved to Woodstock from Tennessee about a year ago.

“(It’s) an unexpected avalanche,” Ramsey said. “It’s kind of overwhelming right now because we didn’t expect this much snow.”

The Asenjo’s were clearing off their cars and shoveling their driveway with a small shovel.

“I wish we had better snowplowing equipment,” Jessica said.

Jessica, a stay-at-home mom, and Ramsey, a pastor in Plainfield had plans to run errands that day and go to the grocery store, but they were unsure if they’d be able to get out.

“I feel like it will never go away,” Jessica said. “It will never be spring.”

For others, it was a welcome Valentine’s Day surprise.

“It’s Vermont,” Jesse Manning said as he shoveled snow off a tarp that was covering a dumpster on South Street. “That’s what you look forward to in the winter, is the snow.”

Bob Caulfield throws snow at his brother Wayne. Bob Caulfield (right) throws snow at his brother, Wayne. Rigney Deliso, 5, and her sister, Chloe, 2, climb a snowbank on High Street. Chloe Deliso, 2, and her sister, Rigney, 5, climb a snowbank on High Street. Kierstan Field carries her daughter, Greta, 2, while she pulls a sled with Nico, 3. Kierstan Field carries her daughter, Greta, 2, while she pulls a sled with Nico, 3. facebooktwittergoogle_pluspinterestmail

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