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  1. john

    Good catch Paul!

    I also saw the Forrester from that accident and it was brought to Killington Auto, -there it sat for a few days. A friend of mine also has a Forrester so we went there to look at how much the roof got smashed down.

    BUT, there was no sign of impact in on the front of the car.
    we just figured the car turned and got hit from the side to cause the roll over…

    guess you cant expect much of a police report in a law-less resort town…


  2. Paul Berzinis

    I wonder how you can collide with another car head-on yet her car had no damage to the front end or front corners. All fenders and bumpers are intact, not even scratched. The hood has small scratches on the top (no dents) from the rollover. The roof is crushed from the rollover. How do you collide head on without damaging the bumpers or fenders? I think the investigation needs to be a complete one, not just hearsay from rattled drivers in the dark of night.

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