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  1. David Raynes

    I know Professor Arnold Trebach from the mid 70s when I used to debate heroin prescription by Doctors with him, when he visited London England. ( I was the UKs top criminal intelligence Officer on the criminal heroin market) He has been unwavering in his support for what he used to call “The British System”, prescription of drugs to addicts.

    No country has more experience of it than the UK. We allowed any Doctor to prescribe from late 1920s onwards until we abandoned the system in mid to late 60s.

    While prescription could cope with a very small number of addicts it absolutely failed to cope with drugs use as a “lifestyle choice” so in the 60s here, the system became corrupt, we developed a parallel illegal market for criminal heroin, partly fed by over prescribing from corrupted clinicians, partly fed from sales by prescribed addicts and partly fed from smuggled Chinese Number 3 and Number 4 heroin.

    The UK tested prescribed heroin to destruction, we largely abandoned it. Now only a few specially licensed Doctors can so prescribe and there is no great enthusiasm for it.

    So Arnold Trebach is emphatically wrong about prescribing of heroin. It offers no solution to heroin or drug addiction on the scale the US now has it.

    If addicts are to be prescribed heroin I say it MUST be prescribed for very short periods in the course of a concerted effort to get addicts free of addiction with other support. That is what addicts overwhelmingly want. Open ended maintenance heroin as Trebach argues for, will just keep reinforcing drugs use.

    It is perhaps no coincidence that those who favor widespread prescription of drugs to addicts are often those who favor a wider legalized and indeed normalized market for all drugs.

    I offer my greetings to Professor Trebach. Although I absolutely disagree with him, we always were civil to each other. I am pleased to hear he is still able to argue his case as am I, at our advanced ages!

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