West Windsor, Reading Selectboards Meet Monday Night

February 10, 2014

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Local selectboards are scheduled to discuss town business this evening.

West Windsor Selectboard meets at 6:30 p.m. where members anticipate giving an update on a possible sewer line purchase in town.

The Reading Selectboard meets at 6 p.m. The town warning and liquor licenses will be on the agenda.

Below is the West Windsor agenda:

1) Call to Order
2) Changes or additions to the agenda
3) Sign Town Clerk’s orders
4) Town Clerk/Treasurer’s Report
5) Public Comment
6) Application for Public Assembly: Vermont 100 race
7) Application for Public Assembly: “Five and Dime”
8) EC Fiber update
9) Highway Foreman’s report
10) Review “safe routes to school” meeting
11) Review town highway map and consider signing Certificate of Highway Mileage
12) Resort sewer purchase update
13) Discuss and consider sewer receivables disbursement agreement
14) Village sewer funding update.
15) Consider policy for the collection of delinquent user fees
16) Resort conference/civic center discussion
17) Town Forest Committee
a. discuss and consider revised mission statement
b. discuss project priorities
18) Discuss capital budget
19) Police report
20) Update re: Material Management Plan
21) Other Business
22) Approve Minutes: January 13th, January 16th, January 27th, February 3rd
23) Adjourn


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