Reading School Budget Defeated

March 1, 2014

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After more than an hour of discussion, the Reading Elementary School budget of $1,093,988 was defeated by a 54-40 vote at Town Meeting on Saturday.

The Selectboard budget of $540,835 passed unanimously.

Calista Brennan, the town treasurer, was elected to the three year town clerk position. She’ll take Amy Harkins’ role, who decided to not run for re-election. Brennan was also elected to the three-year treasurer position in a unanimous vote.

Selectboard member Jim Peplau was elected to another three-year term on the Selectboard.

John Fike was elected lister for three years.

Curt Allen was elected town grand juror for one year. Allen was also elected trustee of public funds for a three-year term.

Kevin Kaija was elected cemetery commissioner for three years.

Shiri Macri defeated John Fike in becoming a school board member for three years.

Peter Seman was elected library trustee for five years and Ken Norcross was elected town agent for a one-year term.


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