Barnard’s George Takes The Plunge

April 22, 2014

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BARNARD — On a beautiful Sunday afternoon, George fulfilled his part of a restored annual tradition.

Barnard resident Kate Reeves won the annual contest to predict — down to the hour — when George, a stuffed dummy, falls through the ice on Silver Lake.
Reeves chose Sunday, April 20 from the hours of 3 to 4 p.m. Sixty people attempted to predict the hour of George’s plunge. The contest was on hiatus last year.

“I would have liked to say it was because my partner is an avid ice fisherman, and I’m very in tune with that, but that’s not the case,” Reeves said. “…It was pure luck.”

Reeves filled out her entry in one of the few hour slots left on the chart. For her effort, she was given $150 of the $300 pot. She doesn’t have plans for the money yet.

“I’m not sure, I might buy some painting supplies,” said Reeves, who gave a portion of her winnings back to Helping Hands.

The other $150 will go to the Helping Hands organization, which is aiding the rebuilding efforts for David Harshbarger and Dagney Trevor, whose Silver Lake house burned down on March 15. An additional $120 was raised for Helping Hands.

Reeves said she enters the contest most years. This year, George was stuffed by volunteer Joann Ference and placed in a chair about 50 feet onto the lake by Barnard General Store operator Jillian Bradley.

“I’m absolutely ecstatic because I’ve never won, I went by to see him almost every day.” Reeves said.


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