Alleged Victim In Bridgewater Domestic Assault Faces Trespassing Charges

May 15, 2014

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By Eric Francis, Standard Correspondent

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION — Just two weeks after state police identified a Bridgewater woman as having been the victim of a domestic assault some of the same troopers ended up arresting her Tuesday for allegedly harassing the ex-boyfriend who’d been accused of beating her.

Lorinda Cash, 50, spent the night in jail Tuesday and then pleaded innocent on Wednesday to a felony count of attempted trespass into an occupied residence and to two accompanying misdemeanor counts of trespassing onto private land before she was released on pre-trial conditions.

Cash’s longtime boyfriend, Robert “Bob” Jarvi, 53, had been in the same courtroom a week before where he’d pleaded innocent to first degree aggravated domestic assault for allegedly punching Cash in the face and leaving what police described as a “softball-sized bruise” on her forehead after she said she entered his house and surprised him and his new girlfriend, Faith Wills, in his bedroom.

Vermont State Police Trooper Stacy Corliss said troopers were called back out to Jarvi’s residence just after midnight on Tuesday morning by Jarvi who reported that Cash had again come to his home and started an argument with Wills. Corliss said troopers responded and located Cash walking along the Bridgewater Center Road near Jarvi’s home and served her with a written no-trespass order barring her from entering into his residence or walking onto his land.

Early Wednesday evening, Corliss wrote, state police received a call from Craig Filiault, one of a pair of friends who had been staying at Jarvi’s home, reporting that “Lorinda had shown up on three separate occasions” that day after having been served the no-trespass order and that “he saw her peeking through the window in the back of the house where he was sitting on the couch.” Filiault told police that neither Jarvi nor Wills were home during the third time Cash allegedly showed up but he said she had been screaming through the window the earlier times and “the last time Lorinda showed up she tried to get in the door.”

“He said that he did not allow her in by using his foot to prop up a 2-by-4 piece of wood against the door,” Corliss wrote.

Trooper Corliss said that while she was interviewing Filiault about the alleged incidents Tuesday evening, Jarvi drove back up to the residence followed by Vermont State Police Sgt. John Helfant who promptly arrested Jarvi after he got out of his car on suspicion of drunk driving. Jarvi was transported to the Royalton State Police Barracks for processing and issued a citation to answer the DUI charge at a later date.

Later Tuesday evening troopers located Cash at her residence in Bridgewater and interviewed her about the trespassing and harassment allegations which Trooper Corliss said Cash denied, claiming she not gone to Jarvi’s at all after her first encounter with police that day.

“I asked Lorinda why four other people were saying that she had been there trying to get into the house,” Corliss said. “She said that she did not know.”


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