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  1. John Meisel

    My dear friend Austin and I worked for him in the kitchen at the West Chop Club, although in those days (early 80’s), he was known to us as “Tut.” Austin and I were both 18 at the time, Tut was 33, and he took us under his wing and showed us the ropes in the kitchen. But he was more than that. Tut was a mentor, friend, and guiding presence. I still remember his smile, laugh, infectious sense of humor, and more than anything else, his humanity. I can close my eyes and see six guys from all ages and walks of life (four chefs, two dishwashers) whiling away the summer hours in the kitchen of a remote summer island resort, talking and laughing about everything and nothing at all. We will never forget you, Tut!

  2. Mike Janes

    Carlisle was a joy to be around and work with each and every day. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him on the Trolley project for the town of Woodstock for 4yrs. I was the Maint/Tech on the project. I had a good time and got to know him quite well. We once went to ”The Wasp” for Breakfast together and it was awesome.
    Thank you Carlisle for your upbeat spirit and u will be missed. Rip

  3. Sarah Jeror

    What an awesome guy with a wonderful spirit! I always loved chatting with Carlisle while taking the shuttle.

  4. Jenn Lewis

    Oh Carlisle… you were such an incredibly special man. I miss you so much already. Thank you for being such a good friend to me and delivering me safely to and from my car each day at Dartmouth… with plenty of laughs along the way! In my mind’s eye, I can still see you strutting into Farmer’s Market wearing your tall cowboy hat and your beautiful smile. Thank you for being you and all the joy you brought others. I feel privileged to have known you. My sincere condolences to Molly and Jane on your profound loss. Please know that many others share in your sorrow.

  5. Ciric

    My deepest condolences to Carlisle’s family and friends. I rode the evening shuttle with Carlisle ever since I started working at Dartmouth a year and a half ago. I am deeply sadden to hear about his passing. He was a wonderful gentleman who was always cheerful, kind and friendly to everyone. We have shared many great conversations during my ride home that I will always remember and chuckle over. Thank you for being you, Carlisle. You will definitely be missed.

  6. carol and wayne geise

    Was saddened by the news of Carlisle’s death. Will remember him for his wit and wonderful sense of humor.

    Extending our condolences and thoughts to Molly and Jane.

    RIP, Carlisle

  7. Carol & Wayne Geise

    So sad to hear of his passing. We will remember Carlisle’s funny sense of humor & wittiness.

    Our condolences to Molly & Jane.

  8. Carol & Wayne Geise

    Saddened by this news. Will remember Carlisle’s wit & humor. He was a funny man!

    Our condolences to Molly & Jane…

  9. Gilbert Rahme

    We miss you Carl…You will always be remembered everyday…Rest in peace.

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