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Carlisle Spencer, Jr., Obituary, 65

May 29, 2014 6:41 am Category: News, Obituaries, West Windsor 8 Comments A+ / A-

BROWNSVILLE — There will be no memorial services for Carlisle Tuttle Spencer, Jr. 65, who died at his home of cancer on May 22. Carlisle has donated his body to The Geisel School of Medicine.
Carlisle was born Sept. 29, 1948, in Newburyport, Massachusetts, son of Carlisle T. Spencer, Sr. and Molly Van Wyck Spencer.
He grew up on the salt marsh of Ipswich, Massachusetts. Carlisle attended The Fessenden School, The New Hampton School and graduated from the New Prep School in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1968. School was not his cup of tea, but with the help of a strong willed mother he got through it. He received an associate’s degree from the Culinary Institute of America in 1978 and a Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel Restaurant Management from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, in 1990.
Carlisle arrived in Woodstock in 1992. For the last four summers he drove the electric trolley, “Annette,” in Woodstock. On most workdays he would ride his red recumbent tricycle to work. With the first “clang” of the trolley’s bell Carlisle, an overly enthusiastic musician of little talent, knew he had found his instrument. Carlisle always made it a point to stop the trolley at all lemonade stands; one such stop costing over $12 when he treated 10 riders to lemonade and cookies. Carlisle never revealed which was his favorite lemonade stand, but the people who put fresh mint in the cups and offered chilled watermelon know who they are.
After lifting hay bails at Appleton Farms in Ipswich; pouring coffee at the Kings Rook Coffee House; crewing for the yacht Isoletta on St. Thomas; climbing trees for Amalia Tree Surgeons; selling encyclopedias in San Francisco; washing cars on Speedway boulevard in Tucson; cooking for Ambassador and Mrs. Cromwell (his name, her money); terrorizing wait staff as First Chef of the West Chop Club on Martha’s Vineyard; waiting tables and getting a 10 percent tip from the actor who met “Sally,” carrying cinder blocks and mixing mud for a mad mason; banging nails and thumbs while trying carpentry; being the smiling assistant front office manager at the Woodstock Inn; eating chocolate and sweeping floors for Wild Apple Graphics; keeping The Woodstock Health and Fitness Center clean and sparkly; and finally driving a transit bus for Advanced Transit, Carlisle realized what his true quest was. To find the perfect job before he retired. He almost made it.
Carlisle’s deep appreciation of nature was constant. While living in Brownsville he built and maintained a four-mile trail in the woods behind his house, something his away neighbors never knew. Snowshoeing with classic wooden snowshoes, hiking, biking, canoeing, and day lily gardening left barely enough hammock time.
Carlisle is survived by his mother, Molly Spencer and his sister Jane Spencer, both of Brownsville. He is also survived by Henry and Maureen Spencer of Effingham, New Hampshire.
Please make memorial contributions to the Lucy Mackenzie Humane Society. Carlisle has also asked that you stop at all lemonade stands and over pay.

This obituary first appeared in the May 30, 2014 print edition of the Vermont Standard.

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Carlisle Spencer, Jr., Obituary, 65 Reviewed by on . BROWNSVILLE — There will be no memorial services for Carlisle Tuttle Spencer, Jr. 65, who died at his home of cancer on May 22. Carlisle has donated his body to BROWNSVILLE — There will be no memorial services for Carlisle Tuttle Spencer, Jr. 65, who died at his home of cancer on May 22. Carlisle has donated his body to Rating:

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  • Mike Janes

    Carlisle was a joy to be around and work with each and every day. I thoroughly enjoyed working with him on the Trolley project for the town of Woodstock for 4yrs. I was the Maint/Tech on the project. I had a good time and got to know him quite well. We once went to ”The Wasp” for Breakfast together and it was awesome.
    Thank you Carlisle for your upbeat spirit and u will be missed. Rip

  • Sarah Jeror

    What an awesome guy with a wonderful spirit! I always loved chatting with Carlisle while taking the shuttle.

  • Jenn Lewis

    Oh Carlisle… you were such an incredibly special man. I miss you so much already. Thank you for being such a good friend to me and delivering me safely to and from my car each day at Dartmouth… with plenty of laughs along the way! In my mind’s eye, I can still see you strutting into Farmer’s Market wearing your tall cowboy hat and your beautiful smile. Thank you for being you and all the joy you brought others. I feel privileged to have known you. My sincere condolences to Molly and Jane on your profound loss. Please know that many others share in your sorrow.

  • Ciric

    My deepest condolences to Carlisle’s family and friends. I rode the evening shuttle with Carlisle ever since I started working at Dartmouth a year and a half ago. I am deeply sadden to hear about his passing. He was a wonderful gentleman who was always cheerful, kind and friendly to everyone. We have shared many great conversations during my ride home that I will always remember and chuckle over. Thank you for being you, Carlisle. You will definitely be missed.

  • carol and wayne geise

    Was saddened by the news of Carlisle’s death. Will remember him for his wit and wonderful sense of humor.

    Extending our condolences and thoughts to Molly and Jane.

    RIP, Carlisle

  • Carol & Wayne Geise

    So sad to hear of his passing. We will remember Carlisle’s funny sense of humor & wittiness.

    Our condolences to Molly & Jane.

  • Carol & Wayne Geise

    Saddened by this news. Will remember Carlisle’s wit & humor. He was a funny man!

    Our condolences to Molly & Jane…

  • Gilbert Rahme

    We miss you Carl…You will always be remembered everyday…Rest in peace.

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