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  1. Diana Brown

    A Shakespeare company in Woodstock, -how terrific. But a few details about our High School might be helpful. Young, but ever so accomplished, Nate Hinson, and many others over the the last 20 plus years, cut their acting and Shakespeare teeth at Woodstock Union High School. Yoh Theatre Players , under the direction of Mrs. Harriet Worrell, has performed King Lear, The Tempest, and A Midsummer Night’s Dream multiple times- the full version, nothing watered down, playing to nearly full houses who usually ‘get’ Shakespeare. (She has staged others, as well. I do not remember exactly which ones). Yoh field trips included Othello in NYC. Forensics, poetry and the Yoh Speak Chorus draw from all the classics, and liberally from the Bard. I do think Mr. Barnhart will find this local audience not at all wary, ready to embrace and respond to good productions.

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