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  1. D. Owen

    My daughter has had Lyme Disease for 10 years although was only officially diagnosed with it last year, although she had a classic case and had the rash, which was originally diagnosed as a spider bite with weird reactions to it. She can not get treatment in Canada. We are now wondering if our younger dog has it. At 5 months old, she was very active and playful. We went to the U.K. for a month and when we returned we noticed that she was no longer active or very playful with her mother. She slept a lot and seemed to be very tired. The vet did not find anything wrong with her. After that, we found that about once a year she would head to her bed and stay there all day, with a stuffed toy, only leaving to relieve herself, or eat. The vet thought that it was her nature, but my daughter insisted that she be checked and it was found that she had very high white blood cell count. After she received strong antibiotics, she became a puppy again and played with her mother. The following year, she again took to her bed and this time, she tested for high red blood cell count, throwing off immature red cells. Again, after 3 months of doxicycline, she is fine , although has slowed down a bit now that she is off the antibiotics. We also had her tested for lyme, but as she has had this problem for 3 1/2 years and has had lots of antibiotic. She would not be making antibodies and the test is not very reliable, so nothing showed up. She doesn’t seem lame, but does lick her front paws, sometimes the left and sometimes the right. Neither ourselves or the vet could see anything wrong. She does not have the stamina that her 9 year old mother has and comes in to rest a lot. She tests fine physically. She only gets about one cup of kibble a day, a biscuit and a bed-time treat, yet is overweight. She seems to us to have Chronic lyme Disease, as my daughter has. Have you heard of other dogs who present this way?

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