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  1. Marc Tanguay

    Danny is a Killington legend. I had the privilege to work with the big guy for 7 years. We played many rounds of golf together and spent many a happy hour at the Gristmill. I had an even larger privilege to partake in many a holiday at the McKeever home with my wife Bitsy. Bitsy and I also followed in tow to see the boys in California and vacation a couple times. I truly haven’t the words for the loss of such a fine friend and fellow music junky. The community of Killington, Family, and friends have suffered an enormous loss of an exceptional human being. A good friend is hard to find and even harder to keep. Danny made it easy just by his nature. I am lucky to have had a friend like him and the memory of the way he affected my life will never be forgotten. With all my heart my sincerest sympathies go out to Betsy, Tim,Janet,Kevin and the rest of the McKeever clan. Hugs ,peace and love, Marc and Bitsy

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