Pomfret Woman Chronicles Personal Life In New Book

under a blue moon coverBy Virginia Dean, Standard Correspondent

POMFRET— Personal life journeys are what author and local resident Isa Oehry focuses on in her first published book, “Under a Blue Moon,” a non-fiction chronicle of adventure, insights, mysticism and ultimately science.

Taking place in Vermont, the story weaves through the inspirational sojourn of the author over the course of a year. It documents a journey that begins innocently under the golden light of a full moon under whose force draws her to a destination yet unknown, to a hidden world concealing ancient wisdom.

“It happened suddenly,” said Oehry, who will be introducing her book Feb. 9 from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m. at Norman Williams Public Library, “under the brilliant light of a blue moon. As soon as the journey began, I recognized that the adventures and insights were not meant for me alone, and I began to take notes.”

In the pages that follow, the reader enters a world where people, according to the laws of science, have no right to be alive, as Oehry discovers.

“Yet they exist among us, and they opened my eyes to previously unknown ideas and what at first sight appear as unbelievable truths,” said Oehry. Understanding, as I had been taught about this earth its people, animals, and plants – the entire universe – suddenly no longer applied.”

Drawn into what appears to be a haunting mystery, the reader follows Oehry’s call to mountaintops and ascends frozen cliffs thousands of feet tall with her, engulfed in mysterious worlds of minerals and plants.

“I found myself in the arms of passion so all encompassing, it overrode all sense of logic and reason,” said Oehry. “Yet, as if guided by an unseen hand, secrets revealed themselves while I remained unharmed.”

Oehry longs to learn and understand even more as she ventures into the mountains high above and beyond where she journeys eventually to the hidden gates of legendary worlds. Under a canopy of millions of blinking stars, she asks permission to enter, and then it happens. “I knew that the insights I gained were not meant for me alone,” she said. “I hope my personal journey will inspire readers as well. It may forever change how they view the world they live in.”

Although a memoir, Oehry says her first published novel is more about the reader than the author.

“It inspires us to expand our awareness of our own life and all that surrounds us,” said Oehry. “It is a journey of heart and soul. I was reminded again and again how life giving and enhancing our interactions with the universe and nature can be, and, through reading this book, was inspired to engage with life on a deeper level.”

Oehry’s curiosity, trust and enthusiasm are contagious. The book is complete with adventures and laughter in addition to deep insights and the knowledge, as she believes, that humans are inherently connected with and to the universe.

“The book reminds us to be present in the moment, to keep our mind open for the unseen and previously unheard,” said Oehry. “It inspires us to discover our own power, our untapped potential. It encourages us to step out of the mundane, the routine of every day life, and to embark on our personal life journey on a deeper level.”

The main character is Oehry herself along with her thoughts, feelings, inquisitiveness about life and the evolution of the human soul as well as her scientific playfulness. Three other characters – Alexander, Tim, and Ernie – also play significant parts in the adventures that take place.

The relevance of the book, Oehry relates, is that it encourages the reader to step outside of current fastpaced lives and instead concentrate on personal potential apart from the judgment or opinion of others.

“It encourages the reader to look beyond the obvious, to take a leap, and embark on their personal soul quest,” said Oehry. “Haunted by commitments and plagued by depression and many other struggles, we feel trapped in a rat race. We miss and are unable to experience the finer and exquisite qualities that life has to offer. We are unable to understand and live life at our full potential and no longer have awareness of the immense power and responsibility of our own thoughts and emotions.”

Oehry was born and raised in the Principality of Liechtenstein. After an education in business she traveled extensively, following her passion for ski racing, and eventually settling in Vermont. She continued her education and earned a degree in management information systems. Her strong interests in the mystery of the human mind and man’s untapped potential, as she notes prompted her to pursue a master’s degree in psychology. For more information, visit her website at www.isaoehry. com.

To purchase a signed copy of “Under a Blue Moon,” mail $14.99 to Isa Oehry, 1739 Fay Brook Road, Sharon, VT 05065. The hard copy is available for $33.95 and the ebook for $3.99. Free shipping in the U.S.

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