Barnard General Store

Restore the Store from Mt Mansfield Media on Vimeo.

   The Barnard General Store was forced to close its doors this past May, due in part to Hurricane Irene and a snow-less winter in 2011.

   “Restore the Store” is a documentary about the heart of Barnard and the strength of a Vermont community. Underwritten by White River Toyota, this documentary’s release coincides with Barnard’s most critical fundraising push. Everything they have worked for hinges on meeting their goal by December 31st, 2012.
The Vermont Standard has followed Barnard’s efforts as they embarked on a seemingly insurmountable fundraising effort to re-open their store and bring life back to their community. Readers can revisit these stories through the links below.
   Hear the story. Share the film. Save the store. –

Articles – Photos – Videos published by the Vermont Standard

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