Town Governments

Town of Barnard
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Barnard Town/ Contact Information
Board of Adjustment Chair– Erik Tobiason 234-5578
Planning Commission Chair– Steven Cota 457-4353
Selectboard Chair– Tom Morse 234-5256
Barnard School Board Chair-David Green 234-9759
Town Clerk-Diane Rainey 234-9211 Monday- Wednesday 8 am- 3:30 pm

Town of Bridgewater
Bridgewater Town/ Contact Information
Bridgewater Town Office Hours: Mon- Thurs 8 am- 4pm
Emergency Manager– Josh Maxham 786-0071
Fire Chief– Bruce Maxham 672-3495
Constable– Mike Sawyer 802-369-0099
Fire Warden– Kenneth Tarleton 672-3061
Town Clerk– Nancy Robinson 672-3334
Selectboard Chair– Norman (Nope) Martin – 672-3562
Bridgewater School Board Chair– Owen Astbury 672-3180
Bridgewater School Board meets the third Monday of the month at 5:30 pm

Town of Hartland
Office Hours: Monday – Friday 7am – 5pm 802.436.2119
Hartland Town/ Contact Information
Town Manager– Robert Stacey 436-2119
Town Clerk– Clyde Jenne 436-2444
Selectboard– 436-2119
Planning Commission– 436-2444
Public Library– 436-2473
Listers– 436-2464 Hours: Tues & Thursday 9am-Noon

Town of Killington
Killington Town/ Contact Information
Town Manager– Kathleen Ramsay 422-3241
Town Planner & Zoning Administrator– Richard Homer 422-3242
First Constable– Scott Bigelow 422-3935
Sherburne Memorial Library– Gail Weymouth 422-9765
Sherburne School Board Chair– Steve Finneron 422-9736

Town of Plymouth
Office Hours: Monday – Friday 8am – 4pm 802.672.3655
Plymouth Town/ Contact Information
Town Office Hours– Monday-Friday 8 am- 4pm
Town Clerk/ Treasurer– Rachel Lynds 672-3655
Board of Listers– 672-5002
Zoning Administrator– Jim Allen 672-1943

Town of Pomfret
Pomfret Town/ Contact Information
Town Office Hours– Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8:30 am- 2:30 pm
Town Clerk– Becky Fielder 457-3861 or
Pomfret Elem School Board meets the second Mon each month at 7 pm

Town of Reading
Reading Town/ Contact Information
Town Office Hours– Monday- Thursday 8am- 4pm
Town Clerk & Treasurer– Amy Harkins 484-7250
Selectmen– Robert Allen 484-5027
Acting Zoning Administrator– Bob Allen 484-5027
Listers-Richard Sullivan 484-7258
Food Shelf– Sue Joyal 484-9792
Fire Chief– Gary Vittum 484-7732
Planning Commission– Stephen Straight 484-5098
Gilbert A. Davis Public Library-484-5588
Reading School Board chair– Jone Fike 484-7470

Town of Quechee

Town of West Windsor
West Windsor Town/ Contact Info
Town Clerk-Cathy Archibald 484-7212
Selectboard Chair-Glenn Seward 484-7212
School Board Chair– Linden Higgens 674-2516

Town of Woodstock
Woodstock Town/ Contact Information
Ambulance (non-emergency)– 457-2326
Constable 457-2337
Town Manager– Phil Swanson 457-3456
Listers– (M-F 8:00-12:00 noon) 457-3607
Police (non-emergency)– 457-2337
Town Clerk– Jay Morgan 457-3456
Zoning Administrator– Michael Brands 457-3456
WUHS/MS Board Chair– Dwight Doton

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