Photos: Ascutney Outdoor Rope Tow

The Ascutney Outdoors group of volunteers brought back skiing to Mount Ascutney. A rope tow is offered free to visitors and residents on the now town owned mountain. A celebration of the rope tow is being held at the mountain in West Windsor on Saturday, February 6, the Winter Fest event portion of the day was canceled.
Look inside the February 4 edition of Vermont Standard to see the history of the mountain as well as how this group of volunteers brought skiing back to the mountain.

Visitors and residents enjoyed the snow covered mountain with use of the new rope tow to get them up the hill at Mount Ascutney.
Nancy Nutile-McMenemy Photos

A portion of these photos will appear in the February 4, 2016 print edition of the Vermont Standard.
Click here if you are having trouble viewing the collection of photo galleries, click on an image below to view in a larger format and to see more photos.

  1. I’m so happy Mrs Farrell you are one determined woman who should not be messed with now it’s time to flex and bring in the lifts…… Hooray the underdog won that fight

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