Bestselling NYT author to speak in Barnard

BARNARD – Michael Tougias will give a narrated slide presentation about the history and natural history of the Connecticut River based on his book River Days.

Michael Tougias

Tougias is the author of several books, two of which have been on the NY Times bestseller list. The author will appear at the Barnard Historical Society on Tuesday, July 24, at 7 p.m. Tougias will take the viewer down the entire 410 miles of the river on a journey through the past and present.  Along the way the author will discuss wildlife, environmental issues, Native Americans, log drives, major floods, and more.  Practical tips will be given including his favorite sections of river to paddle, fish, and camp.  Tougias’ slides will also help the viewer find the best spots for photographing wildlife such as moose and bald eagle.  Humor is woven into the talk with a focus on some of Tougias’ misadventures.

Tougias also talks about the river’s connection to his life for each of the 6 decades he has been exploring it.  Each period ties into a different source of inspiration.

A question and answer period along with a book signing will follow the presentation.  The program is suitable for all ages.

Michael Tougias is the author of over 30 national bestsellers including several books about true survival stories such as  A Storm Too Soon, Rescue of the Bounty, Overboard!   The Finest Hours (now a Disney movie), and  Fatal Forecast,  which the Los Angeles Times called “breathtaking…a marvelous and terrifying tale.”  Tougias also authored an award winning nature and adventure book titled There’s A Porcupine in My Outhouse: The Vermont Misadventures of a Mountain Man Wannabe.  His latest book is Above & Beyond: JFK and U-2 Pilots During the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Tougias is a part-time resident of Woodbury, Vermont, and a graduate of St. Michael’s College.  Visit  for more information.

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