Photos: Protest at Tribou Park in Woodstock

Local group “Women for a Change” held a protest on Saturday, June 30, at Tribou Park in Woodstock – in solidarity with a national day of protests against the Trump Administration’s immigration policies.

(Gareth Henderson Photos)

A portion of these photos will appear in the July 4, 2018, print edition of the Vermont Standard.
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  1. Janice my point was this is not how old Woodstock did things. We took action. We helped people with our hands, our efforts and our hearts not by standing around making a big party of it on Pleasant street. This is not how people used to do things here. Yes we have our views and vocalized them but we did it in different ways by taking action not by protesting standing on the street holding signs.

  2. This is democracy at work, Mr. Adams. The First Amendment protects our right of assembly and petition. Visible evidence of where people in a community stand on an issue of overwhelming importance— as this community joined others large and small across Vermont and the nation. It is only one form of action— but an important one, as only pressure from citizens can bring about any change here, by demonstrating to those in power thar the people recognize an abuse of power. The kind of complacency and concern for appearances that you propose is what has made possible the atrocities of every corrupt regime in history. I think we should applaud and celebrate our freedom to assemble in Tribou Park or anywhere— and this evidence that Woodstock isn’t just a showcase for tourists, but a community of real, caring
    people and a history of taking action—you were right about that, at least.

  3. Seeing this saddens me. Woodstock has always supported human rights and equality. You can go back to the underground railroad and though out history of this town to find the ways it has supported just causes. It however has not had a history of protests like this. To see these folks who I am sure are well intended are not doing things to help. Action and doing things directly to help the cause you protest goes much deeper and further than to protest with signs like I see here. Those statements many of them only serve to incite counter actions and rebuke rather than just cause and gains in anyone’s actual well being. This energy was wasted and short lived no matter how invigorated the participants may have felt.

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